I really don’t even know how to put it in words about how I feel about the video that Evan made for us. My husband and I have watched it many times and couldn’t even believe how amazing it was when we first saw it.... thats why we kept watching it. Everyone has said how much they love our wedding video and it’s wonderful for our family and friends that weren’t able to attend. We are overjoyed that we chose to have a video done for our wedding. I would definitely regret not having a video if I saw my type of video for someone else’s wedding. Evan is so nice, helpful, respectful, passionate and creative. He really understands how to make the most amazing videos ever!!!! We can’t thank Evan enough for everything he has done and how he captured the most special day ever on a 10 minute video! We don’t know how he did it but we are so happy that he was able to make us feel as though we were able to celebrate the most amazing day ever whenever we want... we just watch our 10 minute video. Thank you Evan for everything you have done for us! We are so happy that you were able to be at our wedding to capture our special day! No amount of money would ever be enough to have those precious moments forever! We wish you the best and hopefully we will have another large event to use your services. Please feel free to use our video to show people how amazing you are!
— Xanadu and Joe Carter
Beautifully done. The entire day was captured and portrayed just as we remembered it. The music profile fit our tastes, the shots really took in the beauty of the Sedona setting exactly as we had wanted, and Evan was really friendly and fun to work with. There was a great balance between the intimate moments of our wedding day and the actual wedding with all of our friends and family. No complaints here, only admiration for the effort put into our video and the skill that it was done with.
— Travis and Allie Osugi