lindsay and gary // the secret garden // phoenix, arizona

Simply put, these two felt like friends from the first time that I met them. Lindsay and Gary have a sincerity about them that makes you feel comfortable from the moment you meet them and the company of the friends that they shared on their wedding day was evident of the amount of lives that they have had that exact impact in.

With all of that being said, the Brown's wedding day was as special as you would expect a New Year's Eve wedding to be. The night was filled with sincere stories and commendment from their closest friends during toasts, and of course there was endless dancing. The confetti blast at midnight seemed like the only way that you could end such a perfect day and night, and the feeling around the room as the confetti came down, could only be described as a feeling that all of these people were thinking that there was no place that they would rather be than here and celebrating the Browns.

I feel privileged to have been there to shoot the wedding, and even more so to call these two amazing people friends! Dog lovers unite!