2015 mr. old town LLS fundraiser // maya day+night club // scottsdale, arizona

this was an opportunity to be a part of something that I didn't see coming.

let's just say that I wasn't thinking that I would be filming an event called 'mr. old town' when I was working in my office a month earlier, but wow what an opportunity! I was so incredibly fortunate to work with some amazing people on this job, most importantly kat hurd, the 2015 LLSAZ woman of the year. congratulations to her on winning that honor and even more thanks to her helping raise so much money for a great cause!

the night itself was perfect. I'm not sure if most of the guys knew what they were getting themselves into when kat asked them to be a part of mr. old town 2015, the inaugural year for this event. let's just say that the crowd got to know them a little better! each contestant was able to flaunt his favorite swimsuit as well as his hidden talent, ranging from rapping to baking. yes, baking.

the humor of the contestants was what the night needed though. you have to keep the crowd raucous if you're gonna trot out in a speedo. 

mr. old town 2015 raised over $30,000 for LLSAZ to support blood cancer research. thank you to all that helped, attended, and donated! until next year gentlemen!

photos by marisa belle photography