joe and xanadu // the clayton on the park // scottsdale, arizona

cross this wedding off the list of your typical arizona weddings.

the clayton on the park in scottsdale arizona provided joe and xanadu with a wedding to remember. with greenery and massive trees outside, the ceremony featured an indoor modern feel, a much welcomed escape from the heat outside for everyone involved. joe and xanadu were champs and could not have looked any better as they braved the arizona summer heat for their portrait session! 

in short, joe and xanadu are absolutely perfect for each other in every single way and that was echoed in their vows to each other as well as a choreographed dance for the reception that couldn't have kept the sternest face in the room from cracking a smile from seeing how in love this bride and groom are.

where words fail for describing this wedding, their feature film will pick up. enjoy.

carter still 7.png