sarah's graduation pictures // phoenix, arizona

stories like these require you to be flexible and roll with the punches.

sarah, her mother and I met up in downtown phoenix and set out to find the best spots that we could in order to get the best portraits. downtown phoenix has some pretty awesome spots tucked into the old architecture around the city. the day was miserably hot and we really did not know what to expect with what we would find in terms of locations for her pictures. on top of that, sarah and her mom had forgot half of her clothes and college grad stuff in another car that was 20 minutes away!

we 'settled' for a few spots here and there which we were hopeful would turn out nicely in the end. what we did not know was that it was not the locations that was going to make this story beautiful but the emotion and feeling behind the pictures.

what I mean to say, and what you will see, is the calmness, the confidence, and the silliness that comes out in sarah in these pictures as a result of us accepting everything. the heat, her mom cracking jokes about her not smiling right, and on top of that my heels being rubbed raw by my shoes. yikes!

I hope there is more of these stories in the future, thank you to sarah and her mom for reminding myself that you can't take yourself (or the heat) too seriously.