raul and ashley // encanto park // phoenix, arizona

the first wedding for produco films did not disappoint.

the historic encanto park in downtown phoenix proved to an absolutely amazing venue, with the ceremony being with the lake in the background surrounded by the park grounds. to escape the end of may heat in phoenix the wedding party was able to retreat to a quaint yet absolutely beautiful reception hall.

the scene of encanto park was not what truly made this a day and night to behold though. raul and ashley were able to be surrounded by some of the most genuine and lifelong company one could have. raul was surrounded by his group of friends during the ceremony being able to reflect on stories years back as ashley danced the night away with friends and family. one of the most quirky parts of the night would definitely had to have been the choreographed dance by a few of raul's friends to "I wanna dance with somebody!"

I cannot express my gratitude enough to raul and ashley for letting me get started with helping them capture their amazing story of coming together with friends and family! 

ochoa still 7.png